Angelina Leo - Ballerina
No one can get in the way of what I feel for Ballet​:

After Angelina Leo attending her elementary school in China, in order to keep her education's enrollment, she quickly became the prima ballerina of the city. Her breakthrough performance was in The Seagull in 1992, choreographed by Ms. Spring Wang, which became her signature role. She joined the Ballet Suzhou in 1994 and performed The Angel in 1995, choreographed by Ms. Jing Peng, a renowned Chinese ballerina. 

From early on, Angelina's love of fantasy and active imagination drew her to the world of ballet. Looking back on her childhood, Angelina Leo described her budding passion for ballet accordingly: "from my youngest years, I always wanted to be accepted; Dance is the best way to be unique and to be accepted by education authorities. Thus I built my strength in the air out of my dreams and hopes"

Angelina Leo - Ballerina