​​G - 一般觀眾 (General Audiences)

PG - 建議家長指導 (Parental Guidance Suggested)

PG-13 - 家長需特別注意 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)

R - 限制級 (Restricted) 

NC-17 - 17歲或以下不得觀賞 (No One 17 and Under Admitted) 


​​Movie ratings copyright MPAA. The following translations are courtesy by Angelina Leo

Glossary - (English & Chinese)

Angeline Leo is an experienced linguist. She is constantly working for national and international conferences, lectures and meetings. During the work, she often sits in a soundproof booth listening to the speaker through headphones, and interprets speeches from English into Chinese simultaneously.

Angelina Leo often volunteer for public service interpreting. She interprets for non-profit organizations in public including legal, health and local government issues.

Angelina Leo has broad knowledge of both American and Chinese culture, and works hard to foster a rewarding, supportive, and enjoyable community for English - Chinese interpreters in the entertainment industry.  

Angelina Leo spends her spare time working on this glossary for the entertainment industry. She hopes that her contributions would benefit people in the entertainment industry, especially in co-finance, co-production, and distribution.

Please feel free to share this page and citing Angelina Leo’s credit is highly appreciated.