At 14,  Angelina beat more than 5,000 teenagers at a talent competition in China. The result landed her several radio programs in Chinese radio talk shows and music radios, as well as TV programs, which in turn paved the way for a career in the entertainment industry. 

​Angelina was a professional dancer at Soochow TV (aka Suzhou TV), performed weekly on numerous entertainment programs, received championships in many national dance competitions, and appeared in Chinese movies.  

After graduation Angelina was assigned as a leader to serve in a rural area in the west of China. 

According to the China government regulations of the time, teacher-training college students wanting to move back to the city needed to serve as teachers in the remote and destress areas for five years. However, Angelina was exempt due to the fact that she was selected as the lead entertainment performer for China Railway. Angelina then left the rural area for performing in various cities and became the well recognized master of ceremony and dancer in the China Railway system.      

Angelina joined the Railway TV Station as a subtitle typist since she can type Chinese characters extremely fast even with eyes closed just like her playing piano. She worked diligently and later became a well achieved Chinese journalist and video editor. 

Having sharpened her skills as a news reporter and editor, Angelina landed her first anchor position for Railway TV Evening News, which resulted in the station receiving high ratings and positive praises and comments from the audience. The president of Railway TV Station designated several live news programs for Angelina as the anchor.  

Angelina was discovered by the president of the Information Channel at Hunan TV (aka Hunan Broadcasting System). Her passion in the finance industry was triggered by “Stock Market Live”, the 1st  daily live stock market program in the Information TV Channel, which was hosted by Angelina. 

After her first TV program’s success, Angelina became the on-air-broadcaster of “Information Café”, which aired Monday through Friday, providing Chinese stock information during Hunan news morning shows; providing mid-day market updates and 3 PM market closing reports. 

Simultaneously, Angelina was also an on-air-broadcaster of the following TV programs: 
   1. “Market Information”, announcing and commentating new product release to the consumer’s market; 
   2. “Financial Market Talk Show”, a live TV show, Monday through Friday, talking with local traders, finance experts, and professional analysts about their analysis of the day’s stock market; 
   3. “Weekend Stock Market Salon”, a live show, recapping the world markets of the week.

In her pre-recorded TV program, called “Book Era”, she interviewed authors and critics, and reviewed newly published bestselling books in China. This TV program had a substantial influence on Angelina’s views of education systems between the US and China.

Angelina received the top level of National Mandarin Communication Certification (PSC) in 2001 in China. Her accurate mandarin pronunciation and model voice enabled her taking various voice over projects.

In 2002, Angelina Initiated and successfully produced the 1st “Ban Drugs” public service TV program in China on “Ban Drugs Worldwide” day, June 26th. This TV program resulted in the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China (MPS)  making public the sentencing of prisoners convicted of drug related offences. She was also responsible for compliance of this TV program contents with government regulations.

Angelina acquired her professional communication and presentation skills through her successful career as an on-air-broadcaster and a TV host for various financial programs in China. She was later in charge of syndication of foreign media programs at China Entertainment Television (CETV), a leading 24-hour Mandarin general entertainment satellite channel, a subsidiary of the TOM Group, partially owned by TBS Networks. She successfully opened the online media sales in CETV’s history. She was an online media industry pioneer, orchestrating many innovations such as the Video on Demand (VOD) business. Angelina previously was the operation assistant to the president of CETV, during her tenure at CETV, Angelina guided the strategic, operational, administrative and production-oriented concerns, as well as overseeing the worldwide operations of CETV.  

During many years of experience in the media industry, she hosted, produced, and syndicated numerous successful TV programs dealing with finance, social issues, as well as entertainment. 

When Angelina was the TV anchor for financial TV programs, learning from the best stock analysts, Angelina paid off her first house and car in her early 20s, by selling short stocks and derivatives during a bearish market. 

Angelina’s view of and pursuant to democracy and freedom of speech were never compromised under any circumstances. 

Entering Entertainment Industry

Asian, Black Hair, Hazel Eyes, 94 lbs, 5’6”, English and Mandarin Chinese​ Bilingual

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