Asian, Black Hair, Hazel Eyes, 94 lbs, 5’6”, Fluent in English, Native Chinese

Angelina Leo is an American actress, who was born into a Chinese family from P.R.C. She is the great-great-granddaughter of Liu Ao, the first and the only ruler who governed both politics and militaries in Taiwan during Qing Dynasty. She is also the genealogy recorded descendant of emperor Wu of Han. Due to this family background, Liu’s family estates was nationalized; Angelina’s grandfather, one of Chiang Kai-shek’s favorite students, was deprived of his rights of freedom; Angelina’s father was deprived of his education rights since 9 years old. After Angelina, the second child of the family was born, Angelina’s grandfather and father struggled to secure Angelina’s right to education in the city where the family was living, by paying excess unreasonable nonrefundable fees and various penalties. 

As a child, she was sent by the family to study violin, ballet, improvisational acting, Chinese calligraphy, and etc. After studying national minority dance for seven years in Hunan, China, she continued her classical ballet training and choreography study under a series of prominent dancers, such as Ms. Peng Jing in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. There, she also studied Chinese calligraphy from Mr. Tang Dingkun, a renowned calligrapher and the descendent of Tang Bohu, who has been ranked the top one calligrapher in the Chinese history. 

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