Asian, Black Hair, Hazel Eyes, 94 lbs, 5’6”, English and Mandarin Chinese​ Bilingual

Despite an undocumented birth, Angelina received the best education in arts. As a child prodigy from the age of four, Angelina began singing and dancing in communities, and anchored several children’s radio programs from the age of eight. 

Angelina Leo is an American actress, and was born illegally into a Chinese family from P.R.C. According to Liu’s family tree and genealogy archives that Angelina Leo is the pure blood descendant of Emperor Wu of Han (Liu Che), and the 4th generation descendant of Liu Ao, who is the first person to hold the highest power of both administration and military of Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty. 

Due to the family being labeled as “rightist”, Liu’s family estates were nationalized; Angelina’s grandfather, one of Chiang Kai-shek’s favorite students, was deprived of his rights of freedom; Angelina’s father was deprived of his education rights from the age of 9. 

Angelina was born as a member of the noble family, yet with the undocumented birth due to certain political circumstances, her grandfather gave her “noble” as the first character in her childhood Chinese giving name. 

Angelina used her stage name from her first public appearance at the age of 4 as she often felt that this “noble” name built dark shadows in her childhood life. Angelina’s grandfather and father struggled to secure Angelina’s right to education by paying excess unreasonable nonrefundable fees, charges, and various penalties, since Angelina did not have a legal identity in her childhood.

Angelina and her grandfather were extremely close. He home taught her and encouraged her interests in ballet, violin, martial art, Chinese calligraphy, and English passionately. Her grandpa invested heavily on Angelina’s education in arts by hiring private instructors for Angelina, when K-12 education was not free and was not affordable by the majority of village children in mainland China. Angelina’s grandfather as the certified teacher of Republic of China, also one of President Chiang Kai-shek’s favorite students, created a village living yet sophisticated environment where Angelina was surrounded by foreign articles, books, newspapers, magazines, and audio tapes.

As a child, she was sent by the family to study violin, ballet, improvisational acting, Chinese calligraphy, and etc. After studying dance for seven years in Hunan, China, she continued her classical ballet training and choreography study under a series of prominent dancers, such as Ms. Peng Jing in Soochow, China. There, she also studied Chinese calligraphy from Mr. Tang Dingkun, a renowned calligrapher and the descendent of Tang Bohu, who has been ranked the top one calligrapher in the Chinese history. 

At age of 13, Angelina was recognized within the society for the first time. Since she has her childhood memory, she always strongly desired for having a legal status. She left her grandfather to receive her secondary education in Soochow (later the school was affiliated to Soochow University), Jiangsu province, China, where she was honored with a Chinese National Identification,

This was a boarding school with classes for regular high school as well as for teacher training. The admission to this boarding school was extremely competitive, as not only did it not charge for tuition or board but also guaranteed a government leadership position and job upon graduation. Angelina was admitted to the school because of ranking No. 1 in the Provincial Academic Standardized Exam.

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